OAS Email Group

Once upon a time, the OAS was a group of people in San Diego, California, but as time went on, many of us moved, spreading out widely geographically. We felt that an e-mail group would enable our community to remain in touch and continue working together. Now that very few of us remain in San Diego, this e-mail group is the community. Subscribing to the e-mail group is free, and anyone who would like to join may do so. Click here to learn more and to join.

Reflections, Teachings, and Discussions

Teachings and essays on healing, meditation, psychic skills, energy work, personal and spiritual development, and related topics written by members of the OAS


Stories, poems, perhaps some photography and art work—whatever goes with our work and purpose as a spiritual community.


Book reviews, tarot deck reviews, and whatever else seems appropriate to review will be posted here as things become available.

Distant Healing

Members of the OAS e-mail group offer healing to anyone who wishes to receive it. This section tells you about that, and it also gives information on healing, including how to do both distant healing for others and energy balancing/healing for yourself.

Precepts & Guidelines

The basic source of our spiritual practice and code of ethics for both daily life and the work we do individually and in community.


On these pages you will find more articles, essays, stories, poems, classes, personal information, and whatever else we have up on the web. Enjoy!