On these blogs and web pages you will find
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facilitating personal, psychic, and spiritual development.

Along a Different Path

Walk with Bry on the path of his personal magical, spiritual development—you'll learn, you'll laugh, you may even cry, you'll be enchanted. He tells it like it is...for him. And he does it in a way that will help you find out how it is for you.

Tarot Explorer

Share Nancy Hendrickson's intuitive and spiritual yet practical thoughts on the tarot and on psychic and personal development. You may especially enjoy the creative reading layouts for your own explorations developed by this long-time reader and teacher of the tarot.

Jesa's Ex-Blog

Jessica Macbeth used to have a blog. Unfortunately, trying to get the technical stuff behind the scene to work proved too much for her. If that ever becomes possible to do, she will have a blog again. Meanwhile, there are a large number of posts still sitting on the Multiply site. In that simply written, sometimes frivolous, sometimes profound blog, Jesa talks about her experiences and thoughts as a healer, counsellor, teacher, forest-dweller, friend of faery, and grandmother. This blog was a companion to her web pages, Voyages in a Coracle (see link below). Some of the posts in the blog will eventually wind up on the web pages, if ever there is time to organize them.

Faery Wisdom by Jessica Macbeth

Author of the Faeries' Oracle (illustrated by Brian Froud), Jesa began these pages as supplements to the book of the Faeries' Oracle. But they grew beyond that to include news, opinions, clues, tales, forewarnings, and knackerty knotions about Faery.

Voyages in a Coracle by Jessica Macbeth

Here you will find a wide range of stories, poems, essays, and spiritual teachings written over the years by Jesa. They reflect what she has learned from her healing, counselling and teaching practice, and many of the little essays grew from responses to questions she has been asked. Some of the things, especially the stories and poems, just popped into her head and wouldn't go away until she wrote them down.