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This was originally published in the Crann Beathadh, the OAS journal, and I thought I'd like to put it up here as a reminder to us all.

Many spiritual organizations have a sort of meditation/energy bank for the benefit of their members, rather like a credit union for employees. For example, in the Roman Catholic Church, monks and nuns of the contemplative orders pray and meditate on behalf of all of the members of the church. A part of the intention in this is that the members of the active orders (nursing, teaching, missionaries, et cetera) will receive the benefit of being "plugged into" that spiritual source even though they may not, themselves, have enough time to spend in contemplative prayer, as much as they might wish to do so.
In the OAS, we have a meditation/healing bank for the members and friends of the Order as a whole. What we do is for each of us to spend five minutes at the beginning or end of our daily meditation time channeling energy into the Order as a whole, holding the idea that this energy is for us to call upon as they do the our spiritual and healing work and whenever we encounter challenges in our own lives where we need healing or energy assistance.
We invite all members and friends of the Order (and any of you who happen on these pages and feel so inclined) to join us in this - and we invite all of you to feel free to draw upon this energy whenever you need it, even if you may have been forgetting to make regular 'deposits' every day.
Many members and friends of the Order are better at doing things for others than they are at doing them for themselves, so perhaps this will encourage us to do both.

The original article on this was published back in 1992. Recently, I've been wondering why we often get this instantaneous response when a healing request gets to the OAS email list, even before anyone has had time to actually read the request. People send their requests and immediately feel the healing energy. I've experienced that personally and a number of other people have mentioned it. I've been doing 'making deposits' myself all these years, it's a habit, and no doubt others have been doing so as well. I just hadn't made the connection...

Some days I'm more than a little slow.

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