Introduction to the Order
A brief explanation of what we are about.

The Principles of the Order
The basis of our beliefs.

The Rule of the Order
A code of ethics, a standard of conduct, only not exactly - more of a compassionate and attentive way of life, possibly suitable for mystics and other people.

OAS Email List
A mail list, for those of you who don't know, is a wonderful means of forming an online community. Because the members of the Order and other kindred spirits are so widely separated geographically, we felt that a mail list would enhance our community, at least for those of us fortunate enough to be online. There is no charge for subscribing to the mail list, and you do not need to be a member to do so.

NEW! The Cranberry New!
An instant online newsletter for OAS members and other interested persons.

Articles & Essays on Healing & Psychic & Spiritual Development
Written by members of the Order & Friends.

Book reviews, tarot deck reviews, and whatever else seems appropriate to review will be posted here as they become available from members of OAS and Friends.

Classes Offered by Members of the Order, both online and off.
Feng Shui by Michael Slaughter. A free, online course in Feng Shui.

Distant Healing
To request distant healing, please write to Jesa Macbeth at jesa@jesamac.com, giving her a name (first only is all right) and a brief description of the problem. If you don't tell us otherwise, we assume that you want healing sent daily for one month. Jesa will forward your request to the OAS e-mail list for the attention of the numerous healers on the list.

Links to Members & Friends
On these pages you will find more articles, essays, stories, poems, classes, personal information, businesses, and whatever else we have up on the web. Enjoy!

These pages were last updated: 21 June 1999
They are currently edited by Jesa Macbeth, Senior Instructor.
We're happy to try to answer your questions about the Order. You can write to me at jesa@jesamac.com If I can't answer you myself, I'll forward your questions to someone who can. I would also be interested in reading your comments or suggestions about these pages.

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