Beyond the Obvious
Written by Dr. Christine Page

Reviewed by Shirley Brooker

Published by the C.W. Daniel Company Ltd. ISBN 0 85207 322 4

Very highly recommended to all healers.
This is a story concerning an extraordinary journey, a journey of initiation. These are the opening words of Dr Christine Page, author of Frontiers of Health and Mirror of Existence in this excellent new book.
It is the story of a journey through the barriers of being human to bring intuition into our awakening consciousness. The author opens herself to the reader. She provides frank information on her personal view and understanding of the spirit world. Examples are given from her own multifaceted career as a medical doctor, a homeopath, a teacher and traveller, to lead the reader to a clearer understanding of how to use the intuition to full advantage in finding the true soul path.
She writes, "Even in the darkest moments of our life when we are deeply entrenched in the world of matter the inner urgings of the intuition persists, sending out their signals and providing a lifeline to the soul who takes the time to stop and move its focus from dense gravitational images."
Which one of us has never needed such a lifeline?
Dr Page tells us that the journey towards integration of intuition consists of seven stages. It begins with the awakening and stepping out into taking one’s power and clearing a path through the mind. The will then has to be harnessed, a stand taken and letting go of the result take place in order to merge the Ego with the Soul. These aspects are each dealt with in turn.
The style of writing is straight forward. The book is full of easily absorbed food for thought and exercises are given to assist the reader through the process. Some of these would suitable for use with a group in addition to being most valuable to the individual.
There is much wise guidance to be found in the pages of Beyond the Obvious with the urging to "Walk the path of our own truth and let our Inner Light shine."
Don't miss the opportunity to take advantage of this wisdom.

Copyright © 1998 by Shirley Brooker. All rights reserved.

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