Working With Angels, Fairies & Nature Spirits
written by William Bloom

reviewed by Shirley Brooker

Published by Judy Piatkus (Publishers) Ltd., ISBN 0 7499 1904 3 William Bloom’s fascinating book, Working With Angels, Fairies and Nature Spirits, should be read at leisure in order to gain maximum benefit from his well presented ideas about this area of creation. The reader needs to take time and space to absorb the concepts and explore the many exercises.
He claims that Accepting the existence of a world of spirits expands the whole way that we make sense of and experience life. He does warn the reader to maintain a sense of proportion with a quote from Henry Beecher in Royal Truths which reminds us that "There’s not much practical Christianity in the man who lives better terms with angels and seraphs than with his children, servants and neighbours."
He presents the theory that the energies of these beings draw close to us and if we develop sensitivity it is possible to experience them. When this happens, the human mind translates the vibrations into understandable pictures. "The human tendency to clothe a sense with an image also extends to imbuing it with sound or smell."
The author explains how the devas, fairies and Angels can help us in our homes, our work and daily lives if we seek to attune to the Spirit of the activity. The reader is taught how to work with the angels and given ample exercises to assist in developing the required skills. There are sections devoted to Healing Angels and the Angels of Death who are present to ease the transition in the best way possible. The soul as an Angel is talked of, as are Animal Totems.
For anyone who is even remotely interested in other beings that exist in harmony with us on this planet, this is a worthwhile, helpful and easy to read book. It can be read through for pleasure and then be given its place on the shelf as an excellent source for reference.
So read the book and learn to attune to the Angels, fairies and Nature Spirits. You will then be able to enlist their help and guidance in life as they hold the pattern while you take the action.

Copyright © 1999 by Shirley Brooker. All rights reserved.

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