The Elves of Lily Hill Farm,
A Partnership with Nature

Written by Penny Kelly

Reviewed by Shirley Brooker

Published by Llewellyn Publications. ISBN 1-56718-382-4(pbk)

This book was recommended to me and was so enjoyable that I felt I must review and recommend it although it is not out new this year. (Published 1997)
In 1987, the author, Penny Kelly and her husband bought a grape farm. Little did they realise that with the help of the elves and Nature Spirits, they would develop it into a thriving rental property, and learning centre.
For anyone who is interested in the balance of nature and the nature of balance, this is a must. The reader is taken through the unusual experiences from the first little voice from an unseen being saying, "May the road rise to meet ye," to the gradual understanding of how to commune with nature and benefit humanity by listening and following.
The process was not an easy one for the author and there is much in the tale which will cause the reader to consider carefully how well he or she listens to the spiritual guidance that is available to us if we but open our eyes and ears.
This is a practical and down to earth book, illustrated by Penny Kelly herself. It is well worth reading and keeping for reference afterwards.

Copyright © 1998 by Shirley Brooker. All rights reserved.

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