A Woman's Guide to Finding the Healer Within:
Intuitive Healing.

Written by Beth Moran, RN, CNP with Kathy Schultz

Reviewed by Shirley Brooker

Published by Element Books, ISBN 1-86204-375-2

Intuitive Healing is a book about women, written by a woman, for women.
The author considers that wellness is multifactorial. A holistic approach to healthcare means consideration of the whole person, and not just some of her parts. However the book is mostly related to physical aspects of health and illness and one page only really broaches the importance of the spiritual side of life.
It deals with many areas and ages in the life of a woman and the conditions she might experience. Beth Moran reminds the reader constantly, that it is necessary to listen to the body and remain in control rather than allowing the physician to take complete charge of treatment and medication. The patient should be involved in whether or not surgery should be undergone.
In this easy to read but medically orientated book, the greatest warning that shines through is the dangers of alcohol, sugar and caffeine. The reader is told, we ought not to misuse food to eradicate stress. Instead food should be used as a healer. Along with the warnings come plenty of ideas on how diet can be improved and how changes will increase well being and decrease the incidence of illness.
Exercise is not ignored, and the importance of relaxation is mentioned. Responsibility for health is passed to the individual concerned who is informed in the final sentence, Let us all find our healer within.
A comprehensive bibliography is provided for further reading.

Copyright © 1998 by Shirley Brooker. All rights reserved.

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