Spiritual Healing: A Patient's Guide
Written by Eileen Inge Herzberg

Reviewed by Shirley Brooker

Published by the C.W. Daniel Company Ltd. ISBN 0 85207 308 9

The place to begin with Spiritual Healing: A Patientís Guide, is the front cover. Brian Froud allowed his painting of the Healing Goddess to be used and it is suggested that the reader spend some time contemplating it. I found a variety of reactions from different people who tried this, some good and some unfavourable.

The book was first published ten years ago and this is a third and updated edition. Although it is written for prospective patients to read, healers will find it serves as a useful reminder of how the person new to Spiritual Healing might feel. The author is a healer and writes from first hand experience. The style is simple and straightforward.

The author first talks of general ideas on health and sickness and then moves into the details of healing. She covers the importance of a fighting spirit, self-healing and research evidence. The reader is advised how to choose a healer and what to expect on the first visit. She deals with the delicate issue of fees and donations.

The book briefly covers the fast growing practise of Reiki and touches on Radionics and the Mind Mirror.

Spiritual Healing, A Patient's Guide is worthy of a place on the healer's bookshelf to lend or to give to people who may be interested in healing.

Copyright © 1999 by Shirley Brooker. All rights reserved.

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