Unconditional Love

by Michael Slaughter

The Love of the Creator is for all of Creation, the Love of the One for all and every part of the One, entirely, completely.
Before we came into this world, this earthly life, we knew we were loved unconditionally and that the Universe provided our every need, whenever and whatever, without question. But then we underwent the trauma of birth. We were swamped with sensations, feelings and pain - oh so powerful - and our needs, our desires no longer received instant attention, nor were always met so unequivocally as we had come to expect - what had we done - were we no longer loved as before?
The beginning of doubt.
The foundation of our deepest fear, the reassurance not always forthcoming to ease our doubt, to calm our fear - that we are no longer loved.
The Unconditional Love of the Creator is, despite our fear, always there unchanged and undimmed, whatever else may change.
We may lose it, but it never loses us. It loves all equally without question, without judgement, without rejection.
All is accepted, the decaying as well as the growing, the ugly as well as the beautiful, all is as one, part of the One.
It does not recognise evil, this is born of fear and feeds fear, and all is still loved.
The Universe is perfect with it's seeming imperfections, both complete and incomplete, dynamic, changing, evolving.
To be any other way, to be 'completed', perfected or 'finished' would be far less perfect than it actually is. The Love of the Creator does not seek to heal, it does not seek to change or alter in any way whatsoever.
It loves the unchanging as well as the changing, pain as well as joy, fear as well as contentment, dark as well as light.

All is part of the One and all is Loved.

No - Love, Unconditional Love, does not heal, it is rather that we, when we re-discover that Love, that root of our deepest fear that we have lost that Love - then we heal when we find that which was lost, that we feared we had lost - but - It was never lost at all.

With acknowledgement to Lazaris for channelled inspiration.

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Copyright © 1998 by Michael Slaughter. All rights reserved.

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